About DCC

About DCC

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"- Eleanor Roosevelt.

The advent of each century man is a witness to a 'new normal' caused by innovation, destruction and peoples aspirations. The new normal becomes the normal and it proves that man lives in the infinity of change and evolution. But how does one achieve the new normal, how does one change and evolve? The answer to these questions lies in our goals, dreams, ambition and most importantly hard work.

In a new country such as ours there is still a great need of development and better living. India in the 20th century saw a great deal of change, from colonization independence war to economic rehabilitation. This was possible only because our countrymen had a vision which they strived towards and emerged victorious. The 20th century was about restoration and today it is about development and enhancement.

The motto of this century is- Anybody can be anybody. The changes and demands of this era is the opposite to the previous ones, allowing liquidity over conformity, good work over hard work, emotional intelligence over high intelligence and heterogeneity over homogeneity.

The Dream Career Catchers is a Career Counseling agency which helps the youth of this age to attain the demands required of them. It is a guiding body which helps students towards the path of their own personal growth. The team at DCC believes that going to College should be an exciting adventure but at times it becomes a maze of choices and options and the path seems full of dead ends. Unbiased Guidance at this stage can enable the child and guardians to navigate this maze and reach the gates of the best suited path which in time can help the individual find a career that is not just proactive but is also aligned to the child's passion and desires. Dream Career Catchers help the students understand their dreams and helps lay out a sketch that gives a push to the students to achieve it.

"I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions." - Stephen Covey

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Determination is what drives Shwetangana Santram. Her belief in herself and her experience helps her to serve as a true guide to the students and their parents who are at times confused between following the dream and choosing the fool-proof career path for their children.

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