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Publish Date: 25-Apr-2021 03:24:46

Schooling, over all, has been most affected by the pandemic, all across the globe. The UNICEF has declared that over 168 million children have gone without an education this past year of 2020. The COVID 19 has been the greatest shock to education in over a century, they claim. We in India feel the impact even more, as we (accept it or not) are a very examination and result oriented society.

The child’s academic performance is almost discussed at par with the parent’s social status. So, if you think about it, the pandemic has at least reduced some of that pressure from the child. We have had parents approaching the Courts of Law in huge delegations requesting cancellations and changes. On a serious note, examination or evaluation is just one aspect of education. It definitely is not the end to the means. It’s simply a feedback process. But, yes the rubrics used can help to make sound decisions for the further academic choices. “One test fits all” has been a matter of debates for years now, so the cancelation or postponement of an examination needs to be seen as an opportunity to rethink the system rather than as a onetime solution to the current issue. The opportunity to reform and rethink should not be overlooked.

The NEP too takes a serious dive into the evaluation process. While the Class X students and parents are celebrating the cancellation of the Board Examinations, not just by the CBSE and CISCE but by over 14 State Boards as well, the Class XII students are still on tenterhooks about their academic future. We pray that their dilemma too may soon be over. The effect on admissions and their further pursuits is going to be felt not just now but for a few years to come. The students who have stepped into these classes this year too need our support and concern. The uncertainty of the times ahead should make the policy makers make some definite plans for the examinations of 2022. Leaving the students in a lurch and coming up with short term remedies is not going to solve anything.

The pandemic, as I hope we have learnt, is here to stay for some time and we need to bring about sound, definite and concrete solutions that will help the students without compromising on the educational abilities and expectations. Examinations will of course remain an important part of any academic system. There is no denying that, but the weightage and methods of evaluation, content of that evaluation and the rubrics of that evaluation need to see a dramatic change now.

The wheels are already in motion ….. While we await the new objective criterion by the Boards for this year’s mark sheets, let us gear up for the first of many transformations in the system.

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