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Publish Date: 09-Jul-2021 02:45:01

“World is moving very fast”, “Move on or you will be left behind”, “increase your pace”, “learn to jump higher”… and the list goes on. These are some phrases that are clichés today when we address our youth and youngsters. High-intensity competition has created a whirlpool of anxiety and the parents, teachers, mentors, and students are all getting pulled into it. FOMO (as in the new Gen lingo – fear of missing out) is causing the youth to look for shortcuts and methods to fast-reach their goals. Goals might be reached but are they able to sustain their positions and progress at the same pace? More times than not, the answer is, NO.

The picture in discussion is my central theme today. Smaller yet surer steps will not just bring stability and consistency, but also ensure a faster pace in the long run. Smaller steps are always surer steps!

Apply this to time management - examination preparations, meeting deadlines of assignments or projects, planning or preparing events or, even the daily schedule. When the work at hand is segmented and divided into achievable portions progress is faster. The movement towards the goal adds fuel to the enthusiasm and may even enhance the speed of walking up the stairs. Baby steps may look like a very long haul but if it’s a progressive list you will complete it well in time. Baby steps are shorter, surer and, firmer. You will never fall off this ladder!

If you give yourselves very high or unreachable goals to start with you will just end up with emotional and mental stress. These add to anxiety and hamper not just the progress but even the start. Many a time, we fail or delay our progress as we get caught up in procrastinating and contemplating. We get too involved in planning methods and strategies. This is because, subconsciously, we find the start overbearing and challenging. A delayed start is as damaging, if not more,  as slow progress. Higher the target, the more tedious the steps. The achievements will be slow and far between.

The bigger steps might give the illusion of being faster and may give you moments of elation and confidence. You may see yourself higher than your counterpart on the other ladder at times, but let’s not forget what the Hare did in the famous race.

Consistence and sustained progress are of prime importance. The choice is yours --- be the turtle with sure and steady steps or the hare with the leaps and bounds with delays and fallbacks. Choose wisely, it is one of the golden keys to success. 


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