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Publish Date: 11-Mar-2021 02:30:11

As has been the trend, I read, I think and then I write !! I recently read these lines in an article: “Teaching Young people to Learn to Learn and Learn to Discern will help them Learn to Earn”. A pretty profound thought but an even more challenging task ! Earn a Degree and then you will surly Earn that dream Salary! This mindset of the dreamy World stands completely changed. We have seen, this past year, through records and data, how thousands have lost jobs, millions have had pay cuts and the young fresh employable youth is still unemployed. In the light of this, idea of Learn to Learn is of utmost significance. The need of the hour is to Re-Skill and Up – Skill. The long four to five year courses, are good passports to the job interview, can become obsolete in a matter of weeks and months in times when things change so rapidly. The need of the hour is thus to equip with skills rather than just Degrees. Skills will be the deciding factor for future job scenario and the youth who is now at senior secondary or UG level needs to rethink their educational and career paths. According to the data of surveys conducted, 1/3 rd of the jobs are going to be based on or influenced by technology. Of these the top ones will be product development, tech development, app development, cyber security, social media marketing, content writing etc. All of these require skills like Creativity, analysis, problem solving, communication skills etc , what we label as soft skills. Just the knowhow of the technology will not be enough. Our parents took pride in having worked with one organization for their span of professional lives, we might have changed a few. But the millennial is going to go through not just multiple jobs but even career paths. They will probably even hold onto multiple jobs at one time. That’s the impact of the digitization of the world and the remote working environment. To accomplish this, the will to be a life-long learner will be appreciated. Online courses to up-skill, internships to gain experience, vocational education, liberal arts education, all these are the way forward into the post pandemic decade. Thus enabling and encouraging the youth to learn to learn and learn to discern stands as the fore most responsibility of the educators of the new decade.

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