Counseling Plus Stream Selection

Counseling plus Stream Selection is especially for students at the Grade 9 and 10 levels. Sessions with the Counselor help in assessing and evaluating the aptitude, which further enables directed and rational decision for the stream of study and subject choices at the Senior Secondary level.

The students at this stage are often lured by the fancy titles and labels of professions or courses. They at times start dreaming of Colleges and Courses that may not even match their aptitude and profile. It is here where the STREAM SELECTION tests become important and essential.

At times, the child is confused not so much because of unavailability of information but because of the pressure built by parents and family. The Counselor plays an important role in understanding the two sides and bringing them together with the future of the child as the point of concern.

Counseling Session for Stream Selection

The Counseling session also gives a glimpse into the basic requirements of subjects as demanded by Institutions of Higher Education where the child is aspiring to study after school. There are so many permutations and combinations that are available in Schools at the Grade 11 level and at times the child is unsure of the choice to make. This also the guidance available keeping in mind the course and career the child would like to pursue in the future.

Stream Selection Test

The Steam Selection Test is a scientific aptitude test which will generate a complete report based on the analysis of the answers presented. The interests and dreams may vary and change as the child matures and this is the kind of leverage that needs to be addressed while helping the child to choose his / her subjects at the higher school levels.

The counseling also focuses on the Profile Building of the child as per the needs of the 3Cs – Course / College / Country. The extracurricular and out of school activities are also designed and discussed with the child and the parents.