Counseling Session

Counseling Session is the next step towards the formulation of the road map to Career choices. In this the Counselor along with the Candidate assess the results of the aptitude test and come up with a basic plan of one's career which is also in sync with the dreams and aspirations of the candidate.

The test is a scientific result based on the answers presented by the child, but Counseling Session help the counselor get a better understanding of the candidate’s wishes, dreams and aspirations. The direct connection between parents’ plans and child’s dreams can be assessed and common ground found through these sessions.

Counseling Session: Counselor Play an Important Role

At times, the child is confused not so much because of unavailability of information but because of the pressure built by parents and family. The Counselor plays an important role in understanding the two sides and bringing them together with the future of the child as the point of concern.

The Counseling session are conducted as per the requirements of the child and very importantly depend on the time of joining the counselor. We encourage students of Grades 9 and 10 to start consulting as this gives them more time with the counselor and also help them to stay focused from the beginning of their Higher Secondary levels of school.

The number of sessions required also depends on the grade and level. A ninth grader needs to meet a counselor maybe 3 or 4 times in the year whereas an eleventh or twelfth class student will need multiple meetings to finalize their choices of the 3Cs --- Course, College and Country!

It is after these one on one meeting that the child and the counselor can together formulate a suitable plan of action and prepare the road map to be achieved by the candidate in the long run.