Complete India Package for Dream Careers

College is an exciting time of one's life! All High School graders start imagining and dreaming of the time when they not only pursue their dream careers but also can enjoy the life-transforming experiences and friendships. Choosing the right College / Institution is thus a very critical decision and needs utmost attention.

Call it Counseling, mentoring, or guidance. We are here to understand and handhold you while you map your journey for the College of your dreams careers here in India.

Higher Education Institutions for Dream Careers

This is strictly for students who are looking for admissions into Higher Education Institutions within India for dream careers. Sessions will focus on in-depth discussions to narrow down the choices available to the best-suited Institutions.

Whether it's a course in Economics or theatre or journalism or finance, the competition is at an all-time high. The grades and scores are touching the skies, and the seats and courses are limited. Students are competing for a handful of Colleges and seats.

The Academic achievements are very important and play a crucial role, but in the situation, we are facing today due to the pandemic, the NON ACADEMICS are becoming an essential tool of selection for the Colleges. Almost 60% of Colleges in India too are now looking at profiles and essays as a selection criterion.

Let's see a scenario-- There are three candidates, and one seat left --- how does the College select the most deserving? They look beyond academics! This is where we at Dream Career Catchers come in to guide you through the journey from choosing and short listing the Colleges to your essays, applications, and profile building.

Join Dream Career Catchers for Choosing Best College

We encourage students to join us as early as grade 9 or 10, so we can together map their journey. Choosing the right subjects at Senior Secondary levels is as crucial for the future as choosing the correct course and College for your dream careers.

Through a battery of psychometric tests, internships, and under the mentorship of certified counselors, you can prepare that perfect profile which will get you through to your Dream College. Application processing to essay guidance, we will monitor your road map till the end.