International Complete Package

Complete International Package for Your Best Career

Do you dream to study overseas, have the desire to join an Institution of International repute and fame? Then we are here to help create that map for the journey. The experienced Career Counselor team at DCC (Dream Career Catchers) offers you complete handholding from Subject choices to Course selection, College short listing, and finalizing the best Country for your needs.

Guidance for applications and scholarships is also available. The Career Counselor for this service are especially certified and experienced in the overseas admission procedure and are fully aware of the changes and modifications applicable due to the delayed Board Exams and the pandemic across the world.

A large number of students from India are exploring the educational programs abroad. From the traditional preferred countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada to the newer educational hubs in Singapore, Europe, and the Scandinavian Countries, children are venturing outside India in huge numbers.

The cost-effectiveness, when compared with the high-end private Universities in India, makes these choices more appealing. Students and parents both put the exposure and experience of an international education above the expensive Indian Colleges. Now with the campuses opening up in these countries, the excitement is more as the Colleges and Universities in India are still uncertain about the Sessions and on-campus interactions.

DCC will help you choose the best country for international education

From understanding your needs of the subject, budget, and choice of Country to preparing for the required tests and eligibility factors, the Career Counselor Team at Dream Career Catchers is well qualified. Test Prep and essay guidance are our main focus for International College aspirants.

From the entire application process to the guidance for scholarships, the team will provide you the best mentorship. Sessions will focus on in-depth discussions to narrow down the choices available to the best-suited Institutions.

The package also offers complete guidance for all International Examinations and tests such as SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFEL, etc.

Under the best counselor, you can be assured of tailor-made counseling to suit your needs. Join us today to partner in your travels!