Profile Building

Profile Building: Why is Profile Building Important for Students? :

Many people do not understand what Profile building is all about or why it is considered a critical step in College Admissions and Career choices.

Competition today is at an all-time high. The statistics show that over 75k students (ONLY CBSE BOARD) scored above 90% in 2019. This is more than a 300% increase since 2010. The number of Colleges, Courses, and seats has not multiplied in the same proportion. So, how does a College select you? Why should a College select you?

This is where your Non-Academic PROFILE BUILDING becomes very essential and vital for that Dream College entry. A well-planned and structured resume / Profile reflects a lot of your abilities to the admission team. Your interest, your passion, your hobbies, your service, your Life skills, your qualities to lead, assist, organize, plan, execute….. The list is endless. There is so much that can be judged by just looking at a profile.

Profile Building and Planning, therefore, has become a big requisite for students and parents alike, especially for the children looking at NON-Technical Colleges and those looking overseas.

Why We Need Proper Guidance to Plane the Profile Building? :

We need proper guidance to make or plan the Profile building because students at times go overboard and try to add to their resumes without proper justifications. Colleges are looking for quality, NOT quantity. This is the Number one rule. Your resume needs to reflect your interest and passion for the course you wish to pursue.

Apart from the activities and performance highlights on the resume, it is equally essential to understand and learn how to prepare and present the Profile. Your Statement of Purpose and essays are as important as the Profile.